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Installing house siding on the exterior of your home is the most popular option for savvy home owners looking to save money and protect their homes for years to come.  At Browns Roofing and Siding, you’ll be getting much more than the best house siding products on the market.  You’ll also be getting professional house siding installation from a company that’s been a trusted name in the house siding industry since 1989.

The house siding products we offer are respected and trusted by top industry professionals.  Not only are the house siding materials we carry the most maintenance-free house siding products on the market today, they’re also backed by the most-comprehensive warranty in the siding industry.


Why install house siding?

If you’ve been considering installing house siding on your home but are unsure of the benefits, let us help you.  Below are just some of the advantages you can receive from installing house siding with Browns Roofing and Siding:

  1. Never ever paint the exterior of your home again
  2. Maintain a fresh, new look to the exterior of your home
  3. Increase insulation values by up to 25%.
  4. 50% noise reduction
  5. 300%impact  resistance.
  6. Guaranteed to let your home breathe
  7. Resists damage from cold, windy winters
  8. Resists damage from wet, humid summers
  9. Fire resistant
  10. Resists insect damage
  11. Crack resistant
  12. Easy to clean

We can claim these wide ranging benefits because we use nothing but the best house siding products available.

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